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"I thought I was a failure at ministry, until I did this..."

From Dr. Brandon Pardekooper
Bettendorf, IA

Dear Friend,

I started out as a youth pastor in a youth group of about 20 people. I was excited, hungry to make a difference, and passionate about helping students. What I didn't know at the time was...I was a terrible youth pastor. 

After 18 months, I struggled to get students to engage with me, the church, and ultimately with God. It didn't matter how many hours I put in, how hard I worked, or how many personal phone calls I made, I couldn't get the students engaged. It was clear I was not the right person for the job.

After I left that youth group, I started a journey of education, ministry, and understanding me as a pastor. Along the way, I had the privilege of working for incredible pastors, mentors, and sat under innovative professors. 

What I learned was that many pastors struggled with the same thing that I did as a youth pastor. They worked hard, served with dedication, prepared and delivered quality sermons, and still saw their congregations plateau or decline. 

I knew there had to be something all of us were overlooking. What did the pastors of healthy growing churches know that we didn't?

That's when I discovered what I had been missing as a youth pastor, and what countless other pastors were overlooking. 

It wasn't about working harder, being more charismatic, or preaching better sermons. It wasn't about the service or worship style. 

The Key is Increasing Engagement

Churches plateau or decline because the experience people have when they attend is unclear, random, or does not inspire them to engage in the experience that is being offered.

Churches everywhere struggle to get members of their faith community involved in their discipleship process. Not small groups, but intentional discipleship courses and programs that go deeper into having a relationship with Jesus. 

Now, I don't know about you, but never in my Bible College days or ministry training did I ever learn about creating engaging experiences for people coming to my church. I learned how to throw events and provide entertainment, but I never took the class "Create Engaging Discipleship Classes".

This is why I have become so passionate about getting this simple solution into the hands of as many pastors as possible.  

Discipleship is the very foundation of a person's healthy relationship with Jesus, and they are looking to pastors and ministry leaders like you and I to offer it to them. Too often though, we are offering a discipleship experience that reminds them of their 5th grade history class. 

We find ourselves working long hours for less than ideal results. We strive to get our people involved in discipleship, and are met with empty classrooms and disengaged congregants. Often times at the expense of our health, our families, and our emotional well being. 

Design an Engaging Discipleship Experience

Helping pastors be effective while also gaining their personal lives is a calling I received in my first year at Bible College. It has compelled me for years to create tools that make complex things simple for pastors. That's why I am excited to make this framework available to you.

At the core of every church is the mission to make disciples. Sounds simple enough, but if you have been in ministry for any amount of time you know that it is far from simple. 

People are busy, overwhelmed, and just plain tired often times. We have to find ways to break into their schedules. 

At the same time, once we are able to break into their schedules, we need to give them an experience that makes them to want to come back for more. In the past, that has required increasingly high amounts of time from pastors and ministry leaders like us to not only create the experience, but also to deliver it several times a year to catch everyone we can. 

It can be overwhelming and many of us just simply don't have to the time. 

This is why I created the "Design an Engaging Discipleship Experience" Framework. 

Disciple People Where They Are, Quickly and Easily
Our primary goal is to disciple believers to live a life that reflects Jesus to the world. 
But, as pastors and ministry leaders, we have to find ways to make it accessible to them and engaging so they will prioritize it in their weekly schedules. 

This is why I created the framework and want to get it in your hands. 

When you use the Design an Engaging Discipleship Experience Framework, all the guesswork is removed. You learn how to structure your discipleship course in a way that people want to come to rather than have to be coerced to attend. You learn how to create an online experience that reaches into the margins of those in your faith community and instead of watching Netflix, they spend time growing in their relationship with Jesus. 

The framework also teaches you to build lessons and design the course so that the content and experience are engaging, exciting, filled with incredible insight, and keep people coming back for more. 

Finally, the framework shows you how to build your discipleship course in an online format so that you can do the work once and then turn your attention to engaging those attending, asking questions, walking through the tough spots, and focus on people rather than passing information. 

When you learn how to Design an Engaging Discipleship Experience, you will wonder how you ever did discipleship before. You will start to see members of your faith community ask to take your discipleship course over again because they had such a wonderful experience the first time. They will be far more engaged in the process, in the mission of your church, and the vision of what you are trying to do in your community. 

Providing an engaging discipleship experience does not have to be hard, and this framework makes it so simple that you can have congregants going through  it in a matter of a few weeks. 

"If its so great, its going to cost me a fortune, right?
Only if your lunch out costs you a fortune...
Can I make a confession to you? 

I hate being sold to. 

So, I am not going to pitch you or sell you, but I do want to tell you how to get this incredible framework working for you. Are you okay with that? 

If you will hit the button below, it is going to open up a window with a form to fill out and get your own copy of the framework. 

That isn't all you are going to get though. 
When you get the Framework you are also going to get a OneSheet that walks you through the process. Think of it as a guide to creating your engaging discipleship experience. 

It is going to take the guesswork out and help you go step-by-step through the process. Within 30 days you will be able to have your experience up and ready to go for your congregants to enjoy and start engaging with. 
The best part is that once you do it, you don't have to keep doing it every week, every 3 months or every year. 
"Wait! So, how much does this cost?", if you hit the button below and tell me you want the framework and the the onesheet, I will deliver it to you right away...
For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of a Starbucks breakfast, or a pack of tacos, or a movie rental, you can get access to this framework that has taken me 25 years of ministry, three degrees, and a failed youth group for me to learn and understand...

YES! Give Me Instant Access To The Design an Engaging Discipleship Framework & Onesheet RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
Now, let me break down exactly what it does...
When you use the Engaging Discipleship Experience Framework, you are going to learn how to...
  • ​curate interesting lessons
  • ​structure classes
  • ​understand hybrid discipleship
  • ​create an online experience
  • ​format the lessons
  • ​decide the necessary elements for a course
  • ​fit discipleship into your church culture
  • ​incorporate discussion questions into the experience
Hope Church was a good church with a good congregation, but their involvement in discipleship was minimal. They had great content, a great structure, and continuously encourage people to attend, but they couldn't seem to figure out to get people involved in greater numbers. 

Then they shifted their approach.
They started teaching through a video format, using online pieces so optimize the classroom time they had with their congregants. They spent classroom time in discussion questions, exploring the word, and enjoying their time together learning and growing rather than being lectured to. 

As a result, they saw a fresh excitement for discipleship and saw new people start going through the discipleship process each week. 
This is what I want for you and your faith community!
We are in desperate need for pastors to create and offer quality discipleship that is engaging and accessible. As a ministry leader, I have no doubt you know how to create engaging content, but unless you are seeing high percentages of people go through your discipleship experience, you probably have an accessibility problem. 

People just aren't able to make time for the experience you have created. So, let me help you out and start advancing the Kingdom of God by building quality disciples. Let this framework and onesheet help you create an online experience that reaches into the busyness of people's lives and bring the Word of God alive for them. 
Just in case you feel like the framework and onesheet aren't worth $7...let me throw in a few more things to help you out: 
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Video Creation Quickstart
Making Video Lesson Creation Simple
Total Value: $67
One of the biggest hangups for creating an online discipleship experience is creating videos. In this QuickStart guide for video creation, professionals Pat Flynn and Sean Cannell will walk you through 3 videos showing how simple and easy it actually is to create quality videos with very little equipment and very little space. 
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Bonus #2 - Workbook Template
Increase Engagement and Learning
Total Value: $37
Learning increases when things are written down, which is why it is so important to provide a workbook for your students to go through along with the lessons. This workbook gives you a guide to help you create an engaging workbook for your students. 
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Bonus #3 - Engaging Church Blueprint
Engage Your Church to Growth
Total Value: $97
The Designing Engaging Discipleship Framework is just one in a series of a complete strategy you can use to increase engagement in all 9 experiences every person in your church can go through. Get the complete blueprint. 
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Bonus #4 - Access to Ministry Hacker Community
A Community of Engaging Pastors
Total Value: Priceless
This community of pastors and ministry leaders are in the trenches, engaging people, and finding ways to increase the value to their communities. Get support, ideas, and great tools from this incredible group!
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There Is NO CATCH!
Sometimes I get asked, 'what is the catch to getting all of this for only $7', and the truth is...THERE IS NO CATCH.

I believe in the church and I love the pastors who are in the trenches everyday serving people and sacrificing. That is why I have dedicated my life to serving, encouraging, and equipping pastors and ministry leaders. Our mission is eternally valuable and collectively we can make a difference in our communities and the world. 

So, I am creating tools and guides to help pastors like you. There is no catch...just use the framework and onesheet effectively to serve the people God has entrusted you with. 
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, I want to serve pastors and ministry leaders, but I also want to them take initiative. That's why this offer is only available here. Parts of this offer are offered in other places, but for far more than $7. 

So, if you want to get all these tools right now for only $7, you need to act now. Otherwise it will cost much more to get some of these pieces. 
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
As I mentioned above, I don't like to be sold to, and I also don't like having buyers remorse. That's why I am going to offer you this 7-day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

If you get in and feel like the Framework and Onesheet, along with all the other tools you are receiving, is not worth the $7 you pay, let me know and I will happily refund your money. My goal here is not to make a quick buck or to build a mass of cash...I am a pastor serving other pastors, that's just not my reality. My goal is to provide quality tools that help pastors like you create engagement that grows your church. 

No Questions Asked. No Fuss. No Muss. Unhappy in 7 days...get your $7 back. Period. 
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My Designing Engaging Discipleship Framework.
Give Me Instant Access To The Designing Engaging Discipleship Framework And Onepager RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
  Instant Access To Designing Engaging Discipleship  (Value $67)
  Full Access To Workbook Template (Value $37)
  Instant Access Engaging Church Blueprint (Value $97)
  Access to Ministry Hacker Facebook Group  (Value Priceless)
Total Value: $201
Today Just $7
Discipleship has to be pushed to the forefront of church ministry. I want to help you get your discipleship experience engaging those in your faith community. This framework is designed to do just that. Send me your testimony when you are done with the steps and your discipleship is running.

Thanks again,
Dr, Brandon Pardekooper
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